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Crown Prince Seafood Announces MSC Certified Salmon

We are proud to have been granted COC [Chain of Custody] certification by MSC and we have committed ourselves to switching our canned seafood to third party certified sustainable seafood as it becomes available. Responsible partnership with fishermen and packers around the world is our part in assuring consumers of great canned seafood for generations to come.

What is MSC Certification?

MSC stands for the Marine Stewardship Council. This organization has led the push for sustainable harvest certification and has become the gold standard for third party verified sustainable seafood harvest.

How does the Marine Stewardship Council Define "Sustainable"?

The MSC standard has 3 overarching principles that every fishery must prove that it meets:

Principle 1: Sustainable fish stocks
The fishing activity must be at a level which is sustainable for the fish population. Any certified fishery must operate so that fishing can continue indefinitely and is not overexploiting the resources.

Principle 2: Minimizing environmental impact
Fishing operations should be managed to maintain the structure, productivity, function and diversity of the ecosystem on which the fishery depends.

Principle 3: Effective management
The fishery must meet all local, national and international laws and must have a management system in place to respond to changing circumstances and maintain sustainability.

Learn more about Marine Stewardship Council Certification

What Does The Certificate Mean for Crown Prince?

Our certificate is a COC, or Chain of Custody, certificate. It starts with verification that our Alaskan Salmon supplier is MSC certified. Then we, as a company, are audited to ensure that all of our departments are properly handling and tracking the seafood. The result is a fully documented supply chain that tracks a sustainably harvested fish from the ocean to the retail shelf.

Will Crown Prince Have Other MSC Certified Products?

Yes. We are already in the process. Our partners for clam juice, kipper snacks, anchovies, tuna, and skinless/boneless sardines are all in the pre-assessment phase or are in the process of being certified. Once those certifications are official, we will apply for MSC Chain of Custody certification for each product.

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