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You Asked, We Listened: BPA-Free Canned Tuna and More

We've been on a quest for BPA-free, easy-open 6 oz. tuna cans for quite some time now. When it became clear that they simply weren't available from our packing partner, we made a decision: switch to 5 oz. so we could go BPA-free.

Now it's official. As of today (March 2012), the Crown Prince Natural wild-caught Yellowfin, Albacore, and Tongol tunas you find in your local grocer will be packaged in 5 oz., BPA-free cans rather than 6 oz. cans.

A final ruling by the FDA on allowing or limiting BPA in cans and other containers has yet to be made. In the meantime we are doing all that we can to eliminate BPA from our packaging.

The other change involves the number of cans per case. In response to both retail and consumer request, we've halved our cases from 24 to 12 cans each. For those of you who cook at home, this makes buying by the case a bit more convenient. For our retailers, the new size allows for a display-ready case (cutting the case's top converts it into a display tray).

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