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Corporate Sustainability

At Crown Prince, we practice what we preach and lead by example to our suppliers and seafood customers alike. In 2010, Crown Prince established a Green Team to identify and implement specific projects and goals to help the company manage and reduce its environmental impact. Crown Prince's sustainability work plan includes tracking and managing corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, waste, and recycling.

We are proud of our sustainability initiatives.

Please read more about how we reduced our carbon footprint, support renewable energy and report to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Because of our efforts, in 2012 Renewable Choice selected our company for a case study.

Crown Prince has reduced its carbon footprint!

Carbon FootprintAfter establishing the company's baseline emissions in 2012, we set a publicly available target to reduce emissions from electricity usage by 75% through 2020. We anticipate meeting this goal through the combination of company-wide behavioral changes that have led to efficiencies, and support of grid sourced renewable energy. As of 2016, we have reduced 27% of market-based electricity emissions from our baseline year.

Crown Prince also measures Scope 3 emissions (such as business travel, employee commuting, shipping and more), which go above and beyond the mandatory reporting standards. A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is a comprehensive accounting of all greenhouse gas emissions arising from the operational activities of an organization over a given period. It is one of the most valuable tools available to organizations looking to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. Crown Prince follows internationally accepted protocols in designing and calculating GHG inventories.

Renewable Energy

Crown Prince supports renewable energy!

Crown Prince supports offsets through the purchase of verified emissions reductions (VERs) and renewable energy credits (RECs) from Renewable Choice. Crown Prince's purchases of RECs (view REC certificate) and VERs (view VER certificate) have a collective impact that is similar to:

Planting 3,483 tree seedlings and growing them for ten years*, or

Avoiding the carbon emissions from consuming 15,124 gallons
of gasoline*.


Carbon Disclosure ProjectCDP

Since 2010, Crown Prince has reported the results of our sustainability efforts to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The CDP is an independent, not-for-profit, London- based organization working to drive GHG emissions reductions by businesses and cities. The CDP was established in 2000 and contains the largest database of corporate climate change information in the world. Crown Prince's latest submission for 2016 was awarded a score of B at the Management level, which reflects our standing within the 14% highest scoring companies.

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