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Canadian and Alaskan Salmon Fisheries

Crown Prince is proud to offer salmon sustainably harvested from Alaskan waters. Our concern about sustainable seafood is patterned after the principles of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute:

"What is sustainable seafood? It's seafood that's managed and fished using practices that ensure there will always be more to catch in the future.

Alaska Seafood

The secret to Alaska's success lies in two basic principles:

Responsible fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices take care not to harm the fish, other marine plants and animals, nor the environment. Fish populations are never overfished. Overfishing happens when too many fish are taken from the sea and there are not enough fish left to replenish the natural population.

Alaska boasts having one of the worlds few governments that is truly dedicated to sustainability. It's a commitment that dates all the way back to Alaska becoming a state in 1959, when Alaskans wrote sustainability into their Constitution-calling for all fisheries to be sustainably managed. In this way, Alaska promises to provide wild caught and sustainable seafood for generations to come."

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has been awarded the FAO-based certification for Responsible Fisheries Management for all salmon fishing in done in Alaskan waters. This certification assures consumers that Alaskan salmon is sustainably harvested and certified as such by independent third parties. Visit and for more information.

We are proud of our commitment to seek and source sustainably harvested fish certified by third parties. Learn more about our sustainable seafood.

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