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Nets & Methods Used To Catch Tuna

Longline FishingCrown Prince packs three kinds of Tuna: Albacore, Yellowfin and Tongol. Given the habits of these different tuna, different methods are used to catch them.

Albacore tuna are relatively solitary creatures, living far out at sea and often swimming deep below the surface of the ocean. Longline fishing is used to catch Albacore; baited hooks are attached to a single longline which is then set at an appropriate depth. (The bait used for Albacore does not attract dolphins nor does the setting of the lines attract seabirds.) The line is supported by floats and marked with flags for location purposes.

Purse Seine Net
Yellowfin and Tongol tuna are schooling fish and tend to be caught closer to the shore than Albacore. Since many fish are present in a school, purse seine nets are used to catch Yellowfin and Tongol. A net is let out from a fishing boat to surround a school of fish. When the fish are surrounded, the bottom of the net is drawn together, trapping the fish. Then the netted catch is drawn aboard the fishing vessel.

We are proud to introduce Crown Prince Natural Pole Caught Yellowfin Tuna in Spring Water. The pole-and-line method is the most sustainable option, as the chance of by-catch is slim to none. Learn more about our sustainable seafood.

Crown Prince tuna catches are monitored by Earth Island Institute to ensure dolphin safe fishing methods.

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